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Custom Software for Adaptive Supply Chain

A QSR gains a dynamic, flexible software solution that ensures its distribution network is resilient and poised for future growth.

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One leading quick-service restaurant recognized the need to create an adaptive supply chain solution utilizing custom software. Their previous supply chain software was built on a rigid, SaaS-based platform that required manual updates and cumbersome customizations to ensure it functioned properly.


One major pain point involved distribution center assignments. Generally, each restaurant was assigned to one distributor based on geography. When a distributor could not make deliveries due to weather or supply issues, the QSR had to manually shift the store-to-distributor connections for all stores involved (sometimes hundreds.) In addition to taking significant time, the manual process was prone to error, lacked consistency, and occasionally required team members to respond to fire drills at inconvenient times.


The QSR engaged Artisan to help create a custom solution that would make it easier for a small team to manage distribution center assignments across the chain. Ultimately, this solution will pave the way for an adaptive supply chain where those assignments could change automatically.

To fully understand the client's needs, we began by interviewing the team members responsible for managing distribution center assignments and conducting a thorough investigation of the legacy solution. We also hosted focus groups to understand both the users and consumers of the information (e.g., distributors and down-stream supply chain systems). The discovery phase resulted in a conceptual design prototype that enabled the QSR flexibility to assign multiple distributors to each restaurant and schedule changes in advance.


Using the conceptual design prototype as a long-term vision,Artisan worked closely with the QSR to define business rules and develop a clear information architecture to support the custom solution. Artisan then built and launched a fully customized solution that became the basis for rapid incremental improvements driven by continuous user feedback.

As a result of this project, the QSR experienced the following:


·     Reliable and consistent contingency plans:The QSR can now pre-assign multiple backup distributors for each restaurant and set contingency plans based on various variables.

·     Dramatically increased efficiency: The system is streamlined enough so that only one person is needed to manage the entire system.

·     Future scheduling capability: The system can pre-schedule changes in distribution centers so that they can be reassigned automatically in the future.


The QSR now has a dynamic, flexible software solution that ensures its distribution network is resilient and poised for future growth.



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