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A leading lemon juicer in California engaged Artisan to create a fully responsive website focused on its core business. The design was intentionally built to scale alongside the growing core business and ultimately include B2B and B2C eCommerce capabilities.

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Squeezing 3 million lemons to produce 400k pounds of lemon juice every day, a leading lemon juicer in California had a grand vision for taking its business to the next level in a sustainable way. It wanted to capitalize on the rest of the lemon, not just the juice. The plan was to start by selling lemon byproducts (e.g., pith, peel, seeds, and oil) to other businesses and eventually sell lemon juice direct to consumers. Over time the juicer plans to include additional fruits in its delectable juice lineup.

The lemon juicer engaged Artisan to create a fully responsive website focused on its core business, but with a design that could scale to ultimately include B2B and B2C eCommerce capabilities.

We began with an Understand phase, a process where we learned about the lemon juicing business and absorbed everything from the brand to the business strategy. The output of the Understand phase was two conceptual prototypes from which the lemon juicer could choose a direction. Both concepts embodied the core learnings from our exploration phase:

  • Putting their “main squeeze”, lemon juice, front and center.
  • Showcasing the sustainability store with hints about their exciting next step: B2B eCommerce
  • Highlighting technology innovations that make their brand stand out, including High-Pressure Pasteurization methods

During the Build phase, the conceptual plan evolved into detailed visual designs, which were then implemented by the development team. The site was integrated with a CMS for easy client management of dynamic content. Additionally, the development team instrumented the website for analytics so the lemon juicer could analyze and monitor customer pathways and habits that ultimately lead to conversion in the form of a contact submission.

The lemon juicer now has a high-quality, fully responsive website that functions across all device types and is ready to scale as its business grows and evolves.

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