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Episode 8: The Secret Sauce of Innovation

Join Tim Mitrovtich and Rob Harbols, along with special guest Bryan Chambers of Chick-fil-A, as they discuss structured innovation at Chick-fil-A.


Episode 7: Managing Accelerated Growth

Today, fast-paced environments prove time and time again that acceleration is key to growth. But, how do you know when to increase your momentum? And, once you're on an accelerated path, how do you manage rapid growth? In this episode, the Artisan team covers the two strategies they find invaluable as they manage accelerated growth at Artisan Studios.


Episode 6: Employee Retention & Building Relationships

Join Rob Harbols and Skylar Hinrichs as they discuss ways to solve some of the struggles organizations face when it comes to bringing on great talent and ultimately, retaining that talent.


Episode 5: Build vs. Buy

Join Tim Mitrovich and Rob Harbols as they discuss additional metrics to consider when making the decision to build or buy new technology software.


Episode 4: Diversity in the Workplace

In this episode of Artisanal Tech, join Tim Mitrovich and Rob Harbols as they discuss what leaders can do to leverage the diversity they have to supercharge their teams and how to achieve results that go beyond what the individuals could have accomplished alone.


Episode 3: How To Leverage Composable Commerce

In this episode, Artisan Studios host, Rob Harbols, and guest Brad Buhl, CRO of Broadleaf Commerce, discuss the challenging situations retailers are looking to solve and how composable commerce can help companies overcome these obstacles.


Episode 2: Tips for Leading Successful Hybrid Teams

In this episode, Rob Harbols and Tim Mitrovich discuss strategies your organization can use to establish well-oiled hybrid teams that can overcome today’s challenges.


Episode 1: Overcoming Innovation Roadblocks

Join Tim Mitrovich and Rob Harbols as they discuss innovation in the very first episode of Artisanal Tech.


Coming Soon: Artisanal Tech!

The first episode of Artisanal Tech launches Friday, October 28th! Artisanal Tech speaks to the craftsmen in the technology space. Join Tim Mitrovich and Rob Harbols as they tackle real issues in the technology space.


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