Rob Harbols

Chief Operations Officer

Retail technology executive, culture leader, evangelist for digital Transformation & innovative experiences

Rob is a retail technology executive, culture leader, evangelist for digital transformation and innovative experiences. He advocates for applying technology to situations that enable and empower us to do more without the friction of traditional solutions.

With over 20 years of progressive leadership experience, Rob has championed digital transformations and scaled innovation efforts including major overhauls of eCommerce, Point of Sale, Customer Relationship Management, Back-office Store suites, Supply Chain Management, and Security environments, as well as introduced Mobile Web & App development, adoption of cloud and SaaS technologies, DevOps, Micro-services, and Agile practices. Rob is also an advocate for culture development and teamwork with teams that want to make a difference in spite of the typical corporate friction.

Prior to joining Artisan, Rob was the VP of IT/CIO at The Buckle [NYSE BKE], a nationwide denim specialty retailer. He led a truly amazing team through the rapid growth of digital commerce and continuous transformation and disruption on behalf of the digital-age consumer in a primarily brick and mortar retail economy. Before his time at Buckle, Rob spent a few years working as lead developer and architect with companies including Kohler and General Electric focusing on innovation and disruptive projects using web and open source technologies.  He also worked in a research and innovation lab, the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, in collaboration with NASA, MIT, and the US Navy after receiving his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of West Florida.

Outside the office, Rob can be found spending time with his wife and six children. He loves a good family road trip, racing ATVs with his kids, movie dates with the wife, games and BBQ with friends, or a good backpacking trip in the Arctic Circle.

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