Achieving Mobile Excellence in 2021


Forbes recently published an article written by Tim Mitrovich, Founder and CEO of Artisan, on the topic of mobile excellence. In the article, Mitrovich shared three specific recommendations for mobile application developers seeking to keep up with the rising standard of excellence in mobile development.

1.    Prioritize an offline-first experience

First, Mitrovich recommends leveraging existing and mature tools like AWS Amplify of Google Firebase to enable offline-first capabilities. An offline-first approach eliminates the need for users to connect to wifi to effectively utilize a mobile application and gives mobile application providers the ability to offer a consistent user experience regardless of connectivity issues.  

2.    Push business logic to the backend

Additionally, Mitrovich points to the benefits of a built-in forward cache included with tools like AWS Amplify or Google Firebase. Using a forward cache saves time and facilitates flexibility by giving front end engineers the freedom to work with data in its most convenient and efficient form. The backend becomes responsible for translating its data into front end friendly models and then pushing updates into the forward cache for display. Additionally, when either AWS Amplify or Google Firebase handles the chatter between clients and the forward cache, backend engineers are freed up to focus more on getting the business logic right and less on the scale required to serve thousands of concurrent users.

3.    Leverage cross-platform development technologies

Lastly, Mitrovich recommends utilizing cross-development technologies like React Native and Flutter to create solutions that span a wide range of devices running on either iOS or Android. Leveraging reliable cross-platform technologies reduces the need for additional engineering resources while increasing the opportunity for adoption.

Today's technology environment is evolving at a rapid rate. To capture users' attention, organizations must develop excellent mobile experiences that are fast and responsive for users yet sustainable for the technology teams maintaining the app. To read more about Tim Mitrovich’s three tips for achieving mobile excellence in 2021, visit

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