5 Critical Reminders for Leaders Managing Hybrid Teams


The landscape of the workplace has drastically changed over the past 18 months. While remote working is not new, last year, the pandemic forced most organizations to adjust almost overnight to work-from-home models. And, now, as the world slowly transitions back to "normal," more leaders than ever are faced with the reality of hybrid teams. Whether an organization opted to hire remote or non-collocated employees during the pandemic or previous in-office employees have shifted working preferences to stay home, the reality is that many corporate leaders are struggling with how to manage teams with both in-person and remote members. Like it or not, research shows that 66% of employees expect to work in a hybrid model post-pandemic.

Recently Rob Harbols, Partner at Artisan, published an article on Forbes.com sharing his
recommendations for leading hybrid teams. As former CIO of a national retail brand based in rural America, Harbols sought to recruit the best technology talent, which meant his teams were often hybrid with remote workers across the country joining the local team. After nearly a decade managing hybrid teams, he identified several essential practices for enabling effective collaboration on physically dispersed teams. Below are the top five:

1. Set clear rules of engagement & develop daily rituals.
2. Ensure teams members have the right tools.
3. Be relentless about effective meeting facilitation practices.
4. Remember to summarize watercooler conversations.
5. Never neglect culture.

Rob shares more detail on each of these recommendations in his latest article on Forbes.com.

You can read the full article here.

Effective team leadership is critical to achieving your organization's goals on time and under budget. And a thoughtful approach to hybrid team management is essential to retaining top talent. As leaders, we must hone the skills of managing hybrid teams and building exceptional company culture, especially now that collocation is no longer the norm. At Artisan, we have plenty of practice working in hybrid models and enjoy coming alongside clients to help them achieve success regardless of whether their team is in-office, at home, or a combination of both. You can learn more about our approach here.

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