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Successful digital transformation is rarely easy. It requires a clear strategy and impeccable communication across a myriad of internal constituents. Yet, leaders of successful enterprises know they must continue to innovate to remain competitive. And, they must foster effective collaboration between business and product teams to make meaningful progress.

Twenty-five years of leading innovation in the technology industry have repeatedly enforced that successful projects depend on a harmonious and collaborative relationship between business and product teams. In my experience, organizations tend to operate along a spectrum of business involvement in digital or technology projects. Recently, I had the opportunity to share with how each position along this spectrum brings unique challenges and opportunities.

On one end, the business side is overly involved, stifling creativity and leading to frustration for the engineering team. On the other end of the spectrum, the business desires very little participation. While that approach may save time, it often fails since engineers are not mind-readers. Ultimately, a middle-ground process that involves the product team early and incorporates the business teams in regular feedback cycles will create better solutions quicker. Organizations that take a proactive and thoughtful approach to product development by enabling partnerships between the business and product teams will innovate quicker and outpace their competition.

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