Four Building Blocks for a Successful Remote Work Environment


Post-pandemic companies across the globe are wrestling with how to navigate the dynamics of a remote or hybrid work environments. Artisan Studios was founded as a fully-remote organization. We believe it enables us to hire and retain the most talented employees and serve our clients efficiently. Still, building a great company culture, when everyone is remote, has taken time. Recently, I shared with Forbes four things that have helped our company foster a successful and healthy remote work environment.

1.     Have faith in your employees

Most employees want to do good work and be part of a strong, high-powered team. I believe if you give employees the flexibility they want, they’ll give you 100%—the best they have. And they’ll appreciate what they have and want to reciprocate.

2.     Provide The Right Tools

Ensure your employees are equipped with the technology and communication and collaboration tools to be successful. Lucky there are plenty of great products on the market (like #slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom). The key to create consistency.  

3.     Make Sure Employees Stay Engaged

When people are working remotely, leadership needs to be quite intentional about employee engagement. At Artisan we’ve found it helpful to create an employee engagement council run by employees. We also prioritize open communication through All Hands meetings and encouraging managers to check in frequently with direct reports.

4.     4. Plan In-Person Meetings

Finally, working remotely doesn’t mean you never see colleagues, it just means day-to-day you're working from home. One of the best things we’ve done at Artisan to plan an annual company retreat. We also aim to schedule dinners or pickleball games when employees are together on a client site. These regular check-ins help build camaraderie.

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