Coming Soon: Artisanal Tech!


We are thrilled to announce that the first episode of Artisanal Tech launches Friday, October 28th! Join Artisan's Tim Mitrovich and Rob Harbols (and an occasional guest) as they tackle real issues in the technology space.

Some see technology as a line of code or a prepackaged solution. A means to an end. We see it as a strategic tool that can be used to craft something beautiful, functional and highly effective. Artisanal Tech speaks to the craftsmen in the technology space.

Just like an artisanal baker works with only the best ingredients and might have a kitchen filled with unique cooking tools. We are uninterested in cookie cutter approaches. We look at the latest technology tools, then ask “How does this solve a unique problem?” “How can it differentiate an organization that uses it?” We look at nuanced business issues and consider how an artisanal technology solution can overcome tough challenges and drive real results.

Each episode we’ll talk about solving real technology challenges. You’ll hear mini case studies backed by experience and real data. No B.S. here. Just straight forward conversations intended to help other technology leaders make informed decisions.

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